Route 66

Driving through New Mexico on Route 66 is both nostalgic and breath-taking. From the old motels, gas stations, and trading posts, to the mountains, arroyos, and authentic Native America Pueblos, there is something new around every curve. Begin your trip at the New Mexico state line, near the small town of Glenrio. From here you may choose to continue on the paved freeway, I-40, or take the adventure down the unpaved part of Route 66 to San Jon. From here follow the South Frontage Road (Route 66) into the town of Tucumcari, home of the famous Blue Swallow Motel. After Tucumcari your drive will take you both on and off the freeway reaching what is left of the old road, before taking you north on US-84 to Santa Fé on the pre-1937 route.

Length: 226 Miles
Drive Time: 6 Hours
Best Time To Visit: Spring – Fall

Click on the link below the map to continue.

Continue on the Mother Road…


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