Route 66: The Mother Road

Route 66 is known to all that love it as the Mother Road. It is the beginning of the American road trip, and anyone who calls themselves a road tripper has or will take this journey. First commissioned in 1926, thousands of Americans have made the trip from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California on the historic route. Most were from the 1930’s to the late 50’s, before the United State Interstate System bypassed the old road. Route 66 was officially removed from the highway system in 1984.

Travelling Route 66 today is a challenge, but that’s what makes it great. Pick up a map and try to find the old road, you won’t. What we want to do is give you all the information you need to find, and travel as much of the road as possible. We will give you directions, as well as maps, pictures, and a list of sites and attractions along the way. We also have lodging and restaurant suggestions, as well as our main Route 66 feature, the Main Street of America Itinerary, giving you a detailed itinerary for driving the Mother Road.

Route 66 connects the Midwest to the West Coast, crossing eight states, and stretching over 2,400 miles. While over the years there have been many changes in the route, and today there are many alignments to choose from, we have combined them to make, what we consider, the best trip across the historic route.

We have two ways to travel Route 66. First, we have a master list of Route 66 attractions with addresses and contact information, as well as pictures and tips for visiting each site. You can use this to plan your own trip and create a travel itinerary. Then we have our Main Street of America Itinerary. The itinerary is a day-to-day plan for driving the Mother Road in fourteen days. There are maps, and directions, with hotel and restaurants stops included. The itinerary also includes stops at all the major Route 66 attractions, with estimated costs of the trip.

To begin your journey across the Main Street of America choose from the options below.

Main Street of America Road Itinerary

Route 66: The List


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