Car Rental Information

Charges and Fees for Car Rental Companies

Company Damage Waiver

Liability Insurance

Extra Driver


Age Requirement
Alamo $20.99 $12.95 $9.99 $10.99 21*
Avis $26.99 $13.92 $13.00*** $13.95 21*
Budget $25.99 $13.92 $13.00*** $13.95 21*
Dollar $20.99 $13.99 $10.00 $11.99 21*
Enterprise $25.00 $9.99 $15.00 $10.95 21*
Hertz $25.99 $13.95 $13.00** $12.99** 21*
National $20.99 $12.95 $10.00 $10.99 21*
Thrifty $20.99 $13.99 $10.00 $11.95 21*

All fees charged per day.
*Ages 21-24 may not be eligible for all car types, must use a major credit card (no debit cards), and there will be an extra charge per day, up to $30.00 per day.
**Offer discounted rates for AAA members.
***Except in California (No Charge), Nevada ($10.00 per day, $50 Max.), and New York ($3.00 per day)
++Prices may vary from location to location and are subject to change at any time.

Loyalty Program Comparison

Company Free Days

Rate Discount

Express Check-In
Alamo No Yes Yes**
Avis* No No Yes**
Budget Yes Yes Yes**
Dollar Yes No Yes**
Enterprise No Yes Yes**
Hertz Yes Yes Yes**
National Yes No Yes**
Thrifty Yes No Yes**

Click on company name above for loyalty program information.
*Avis has an invitation-only program for frequent renters (based on qualifying rentals), that offer member discounts and free rentals.
**Credit-card required at enrollment or time of booking.
++All information based on car-company’s free program.


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