Week 3 Itinerary

Day 15
We wake up to the rain still coming down, but it seems sunshine is on the horizon. We grab our gear and head back up to Lake Casitas to play Coyote Point Disc Golf Course. We stop on the way for some snacks and beverages and arrive at the park around 10:00AM. We play the first round, I had forgotten how great this course is. After the first round we head up to the park store, grab some sandwiches and chips then head back to the course for another round. After the second round we head back down to camp. We sit by the tent, enjoying the beach for a while then head out for a drive. Soon we find ourselves on Mullholland dipping around the curves and taking in the scenery. The drive was curvy and narrow, but worth ever second. We end up back on the PCH and head back to Point Mugu to crash for the night.

Day 16
Once we wake up, we take some time this morning to walk on the beach and relax. We watched the dolphins swim up and down the coast and the seals take from the beach to the sea. Later we set up the portable disc golf basket and play along the beach before packing up camp and heading to Los Angeles. We have a few hours before we can check into our hotel in Culver City, so head for the foothills near Pasadena and play the disc golf course at Oak Grove Park. The course, first in permanent course in the world, was awesome as usual and the locals were great. After the round we head back over to Culver City, check-in to the hotel, and shower. After our showers, we grab some dinner and tour the city. We head up and check out Santa Monica and Hollywood before returning for the night and getting to sleep.

Day 17
Today is the day we head home. We were suppose to have a few more days, but of course we had some troubles along the way and decided to head back a little early. We grab some showers and treat ourselves to some room service before packing up and hitting the road. Before we head home, we decide to take in some sights. We head down and check out Venice, Beverly Hills, and Sunset Blvd. before heading east out of the city. Once out of the city we decided that we would take some last-minute scenic routes and drove Route 66 from Barstow until it combines with the freeway before jumping on he interstate for that long journey home.

Day 18
The last day and night we spent driving. It took us just over thirty-six hours to get from Los Angeles, California to Columbus, Ohio and we did so without too much incident. All-in-all this trip was a blast and I can’t wait to get back out there.

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