Our Mid Point

18 10 2010

Travelling west on Route 66 through Texas we come to the small town of Adrian. Our goal is to find the Mid Point Café. Driving through town we see a few buildings, most of which look like they haven’t been occupied in years. I start to wonder if we are going to find it or if there is anything left to find. Beyond the old buildings we see a sign, about eighty feet in the air, “Mid Point Cafe”.

Sign in front of the Mid Point Cafe. Adrian, Texas.

Once again we have arrived at our destination with ease. We pull in to check the place out and take some pictures. The whole strip is quintessential Route 66. The café itself sits between an old service station and the Fabulous 40’s Motel. Across the road from the Mid Point Cafe are signs marking the actual mid-point of Route 66 itself, 1139 miles to Chicago, and the same to Los Angeles.

After checking out the strip and taking some pictures we turn our focus to the café. We walk towards the building, and see another sign, “Closed”. Disappointment sets in. As we turn to head back to the car, we hear a voice. A woman appeared from the doorway, “Hi there. We’re closed, but if you would like you are more than welcome to come in and look around.” Of course we jump at the chance and follow her in.

Once inside the woman introduces herself as Fran. We chat back and forth about Route 66, and the history of the café. She tells us that she will be opening back up for business the following week and they are getting things ready for the opening. After talking for a few minutes Fran takes us in a tour of the place. She walks us through the dining room and into the kitchen where we meet Joann, the resident baker. Fran and Joann are wonderful and show us everything, from the freshly baked pies, to the 1930’s stove and butcher block that they still use today. The whole place is a throwback to the old days of the Mother Road.

After the tour and grabbing some pictures, we head into the small gift shop, buy some souvenirs and say our goodbyes. Fran and Joann made our day and showed us the true essence of the old road. The people here are friendly, caring and enjoy what they do. They are here to provide a roof over our head, warm food on the table, and some good conversation. Slowly these places are disappearing, becoming a thing of the past, but here in Adrian, Texas the Mid Point Cafe is alive and well, providing adventurous travelers and locals alike with good food and a friendly smile.




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